Johnny Knoxville Discusses ‘Action Point’ Injuries


Warning: One of them is downright gruesome…


Johnny Knoxville & the Jackass gang are back this weekend with the movie Action Point.



In a nutshell: The gang works at an amusement park in 1979. Safety wasn’t too big of an issue. And lots of people get hurt.


More than anybody else, Johnny Knoxville.



In total…Knoxville suffered:

– 4 concussions
– A 5-inch piece of skin ripped from his scalp
– 2.5 broken teeth
– His left eye POPPED OUT OF IT’S SOCKET!!


No. Really.


“I got back to the hotel I saw I had blood in my nose and when I blew my nose my eye popped out. My left eye. I popped it back in and went to the emergency room.”


Spoken like the Johnny Knoxville we all know and love.




Image: Paramount Pictures via Youtube

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