5 Things You Should Never Leave in a Cold Car

The record-breaking cold continues—even penguins in Canada are taking shelter—so it’s a good time to share what not to leave in a cold car.


A list compiled by the Detroit Free Press includes the obvious—people, for one—but also several items you might not have realized could be affected by freezing temperatures. Here are five, including one that might explode:


1.    Cellphones: Lithium-ion batteries popular in these devices are particularly vulnerable to extreme cold.
2.    Canned beverages: They might explode!
3.    Musical instruments: Those made of wood may contract with the cold, causing tuning issues and other damage.
4.    Medication: Freezing causes certain drugs to lose their effectiveness, including those that need to be shaken.
5.    Low gas tank: Keeping the gas level above half a tank will prevent fuel lines from freezing.



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