What You Can Do Instead of Shaking Hands During Flu Season


Flu season is here, and since no-one wants its fever, coughs, aches and more, one of the ways you can avoid coming down with it is to not shake hands with people. How can you do that? Some ideas include:


  • Constant Double Fisting – At a party, hold something in each hand at all times, like a drink or food. When someone new approaches you, shrug as you refer to your full hands, apologize, and start talking to them.


  • Cough Into Your Hands – When you’re introduced to someone and they reach out a hand, cough into your hands, then apologize and say, “I shouldn’t.”


  • Lie About Being Sick – Skip the coughing into your hands and just say you’re sick and shouldn’t shake hands.


  • Preemptive Fist Bump – When you believe a handshake is about to be offered, fist bump the other person first.


  • Pretend You Are About to Shake Their Hand, Then at the Last Moment Pull Your Hand Back and Run It Through Your Hair – Humor can work.


  • Handshake Gloves – If you must shake hands, be sure to wear appropriate gloves. Opera gloves or surgical gloves are okay, mittens aren’t.




Image: wadebetter via Flickr

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