Canada’s Impaired Driving Laws Just Got A Huge And Controversial Overhaul — Here’s What You Need To Know

Earlier this week the Federal government announced Canada will legalize cannabis October 17th… They also passed another bill known as Bill C-46 to crack down on drug-impaired driving.


The government has billed it as a way to give police greater powers to prevent impaired driving, both when it comes to alcohol and drugs… The bill is split into 2 parts.


Part 1 creates three new offences for driving under the influence of various amounts of drugs, including marijuana, and sets out legal limits for how much can be present in a driver’s blood. It also requires individuals not to drive within two hours of being over the legal limits.


Part 1 also allows police to conduct tests to determine if a driver is on drugs using a saliva test that can be administered by police if they have reasonable grounds to stop a driver they suspect of being impaired.


Part 2 of the law raises the maximum penalty for impaired driving from five to 10 years for a first-time offence.


The most controversy also comes from Part 2… Police now have the power to perform mandatory alcohol screening on drivers without needing reasonable grounds to suspect that driver may be impaired.


Part 1 of this bill will roll out this summer… That means police will have the power to use new tools to test for drug-impaired driving in time for the busy summer vacation season.


However, Part 2 of the bill will not come into force for another 180 days which means drivers will not have to submit to mandatory alcohol screenings until the busy Christmas season.


SOURCE – National Post

IMAGE – Twitter

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