Hallmark Movies Just Got Even More Entertaining


Not a fan of the Hallmark cheese?


Welp, it isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, it keeps going and going and going


With that…Quartz’s 2018 Christmas Movie Drinking Game rules were conceived fitting perfectly with the Christmas rom-coms Hallmark knocked out this year—or for pretty much any festive-season rom-com.


No pressure to drink actual adult beverages. I myself would opt for a good ‘ol gingerale.

Take one swig of your drink when…

  • A heteronormative couple falls in love in less than a month
  • It snows on Christmas (but no one seems cold)
  • Two people “just happen” to stand under the mistletoe
  • Someone explains insane or irrational behavior by saying “It’s Christmas.”
  • There’s a “meet cute” involving a motor vehicle incident
  • The action moves to a fictional Baltic-sounding country like “Aldovia,” which has a monarchy. Everyone speaks British English
  • Someone practices archery 10 feet from the target
  • The heroine is told she’s too “x” to find love

Take two swigs of your drink when…

  • A heteronormative couple falls in love in less than a week
  • You’re introduced to a wise and mysterious old man, who could very well be Santa Claus.
  • Unexplained “magical” things happen, because it’s Christmas
  • There’s a shot of an idyllic small town full of people doing their holiday shopping
  • Someone references cryptocurrency in vague terms
  • A man proclaims that all he wants to do is listen to a woman
  • There’s a scene of a woman trying on several outfits before going out

Down your whole drink when…

  • A heteronormative couple gets engaged after two days
  • A character sits down and watches another Netflix Christmas movie
  • The movie ends with a wedding




Image: Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game on Facebook

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