The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Dad Who Mistakenly Brought Home The Wrong Dog From PetSmart

A case of mistaken dog identity recently went viral on social media when Alex, a 22-year-old student from Miami, told the tale of his 10-year-old Maltese’s grooming gone wrong.


It started when Alex’s father went to retrieve the family’s dog, Nieves, from the groomer at PetSmart. This wasn’t out of the ordinary, as he usually picked up Nieves after a grooming appointment.


But this time, he somehow managed to bring home the wrong dog — and didn’t notice until Alex and his brother pointed it out in between fits of laughter.


Apparently, there were two Maltese dogs awaiting pickup from PetSmart at the same time. The dad took a bit of convincing before admitting he was wrong, but eventually conceded that he “knew something was off”.



Alex’s father quickly returned to PetSmart to exchange the dog — and smartly texted a snapshot to the family group chat to make absolutely sure he was picking up the right Maltese the second time around.



Naturally, the video quickly went viral on Twitter, with users cracking up over the hilarious mishap.


Truthfully, the story could have have been much worse. Can you imagine bringing home the wrong child?!


SOURCE – The Insider

IMAGE – Twitter

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