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Born in Winnipeg. Raised in Transcona. Yes, there’s a difference.

Since graduating from CPET, I’ve worked odd jobs all over the city; most notably for CP Rail in the Arlington Yard and at Inter Graphics Decal…where we made the plastic rulers that came in your school agenda. You’re welcome.

I love pets and take care of 2 cats named Pikachu & Bowser, I survive mostly off of cheeseburgers and coffee, and I am a rabid football fan. (Go Bombers & Bengals.)

My best memories from the 90s? Getting Malts at the Malt Shop. Lawn Dart tournaments at Winnipeg Beach. Jets games at the Winnipeg Arena. Watching Beave & Buckley on the MTN Kids Club.

Wake up and get nostalgic with us every weekday from 5:30am-9am on The Hot Show with Pamela & AJ!


Pamela Roz’s longest relationship is and always will be with music. It’s through this passion that she was drawn to work in radio over a decade ago! Well, that, and the fact that she was voted “most likely to be famous” in high school & didn’t want to let her River East Collegiate classmates down.

Aside from her obvious love for jamming out to great tunes, Pamela’s got an extreme passion for animals (seriously. More animal friends than human friends including her own cat, Joe), theatre, baking, family, coffee and the 90’s.

Speaking of that magical time in life, favourites include, but certainly, aren’t limited to Backstreet Boys, Full House, Clueless, Pogs (so much so, the “for keeps” games played at her elementary school were banned), bucket hats ala Blossom Russo, butterfly clips, and all the snacks. All of them. Wanna know more? Just ask!

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