Pink Reveals She and Christina Aguilera Recorded a Duet Two Years Ago

Want more proof that Pink and Christina Aguilera’s feud is totally over?  Pink’s revealed that the two actually recorded a duet a while ago.

Speaking to the British paper The Sun, Pink says, “We did a duet for her album and I don’t know when it’s coming out but it’s amazing. We did it two years ago so I don’t remember the title, but she’s incredible.”

You may recall that during Christina’s Whitney Houston tribute performance at the American Music Awards, haters accused Pink of giving her the side eye while watching from the audience.  Pink insisted on Twitter that she has nothing but love for Christina, and tells The Sun, “It is really frustrating, but I fight back.”

“I do it less than I used to but I do when I think the narrative needs to be changed,” she adds. “It’s bulls**t, I’m not gonna stand for it. But I’m used to it, to be honest. And this never happens to men, it’s very specific to females.”

The feud reportedly started after Pink and Christina Aguilera argued over who got the most lines in their award-winning 2001 smash, “Lady Marmalade.”

Pink, who recently earned a Grammy nomination for her song “What About Us,” also revealed she shot a video for the song “Revenge,” her collaboration with Eminem on her album Beautiful Trauma, but then scrapped it.

“We shot it and it was terrible. It’s never coming out,” she tells The Sun.  “I looked like hell, it was awful. Thank God Eminem wasn’t in it. If he was in it I would have been mortified…we had Eminem lookalikes.”



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