STUDY: There Aren’t Enough Vegetables on Earth Right Now

So, you know how we’re all supposed to eat less meat and more plants because of the impending collapse of the global ecosystem? Well, it turns out that may be trickier than anticipated: according to a new study from peer-reviewed medical journal the Lancetthere’s not enough fruits and vegetables on the planet for everybody to meet the World Health Organization’s nutritional recommendations.

Per NPR, only about 55 percent of the world’s population live in a country with sufficient access to fruits and vegetables, and the number of people NOT living with enough access will grow by over one billion people by 2050.

The one highly-processed silver lining is that there are at least enough calories to feed the world’s population right now, it’s just that they’re not all that nutritious.

The solution is two-fold: reducing food waste, which seems reasonable, but also, growing more produce. Given that a huge amount of agricultural land is tied up with raising livestock (either for animals themselves, or crops to feed them), the study’s authors suggest that we’d need to cut back on meat production to make room for fruits and vegetables.

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