There’s a FROZEN Short That Plays Before COCO and Parents Are Truly Hating It


Pixar’s Coco came out over Thanksgiving weekend, and if you saw it, then you know it’s a cinematic masterpiece. But there’s also a lengthy Frozen “short” that plays before the movie, and let’s just say it’s gotten some less than stellar reactions from pissed off parents online.


The short, called “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure,” features the beloved snowman Olaf trying to help Anna and Elsa find a new Christmas tradition.


The only problem? This so-called “short” is actually long. At 21 minutes in length — and that’s after 15-20 minutes of previews that come before it — the short had most kids in the theater ready to head for the exit doors before Coco even started. Cue the Internet freak-out.


It wasn’t long before people were flocking to social media to be like, “Seriously? WTF, Disney?”


Some people complained that the short was boring — even to little kids.





Photo: Walt Disney Animation Studios/YouTube

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