Things We Miss Because They’ve Been Replaced by Technology

A new survey reported in the Daily Mail asked people to name the things that have been replaced by technology that they miss the most.


Remembering phone numbers, printing photographs and sending love letters are among the things we miss which have been replaced by technology, a study found.


Researchers found we hanker after carrying a portable CD player, owning an encyclopedia and making mix tapes, all of which have fallen victim to the digital age.


Having pen friends, owning a CD collection and using public telephones also made the list following the poll of 2,000 adults.


The study also revealed there are some things we do not miss, such as having to queue in a post office to buy car tax and purchasing a TV listings magazine to see what programs are on.


Here are the top 10:

1.  Making mixtapes.

2.  Putting photos into albums.

3.  Recording TV shows on your VCR.

4.  Having printed photos around the house.

5.  The excitement of seeing how the photos from a roll of film turned out.

6.  Handwritten letters.

7.  Sending love letters.

8.  Sending postcards.

9.  Having a penpal.

10.  Buying CDs and having a CD collection.


A few things that just missed the top 10 are phone books, playing board games, disposable cameras, and remembering phone numbers by heart.



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