Valentine’s Day, According to the Zodiac


Planning a low-key Valentine’s this year? Get your rom-com on!


With thanks to the ‘ol horoscope, here are “The Rom-Coms You Should Watch on Valentine’s Day, According to Your Zodiac Sign“!



Aries are known for their intense, unyielding passion, and also their ability to trust their instinct. When a full on mermaid is willing to transform herself into a human just so that she can meet the boy she’s loved since she was a little girl, you know you’d do the same thing.



You’re a sucker for glamour and you’re totally in-tune with longstanding traditions. Watching two people from totally different worlds and fight for their love, despite all the odds stacked against them, is probably going to have you reaching for a box of tissues.



You know you can’t help but swoon for some clever British humor and witty banter. Despite how much you’re secretly a romantic at heart, you love the message of rising from heartbreak and making something out of yourself, which this rom-com evokes fabulously.



You can’t help but feel touched by a rom-com that’s all about family and nurturing, and this film is exactly that. Seeing someone stay by their loved one’s side through thick-and-thin while winning over the hearts of their parents? Forget about it. You’re sold.



Admit it: You Leos are totally in love with the idea of being swept off your feet in the most glamorous way. In this rom-com, you get to watch the heart of a wealthy tycoon melt for a girl who comes from a totally different reality. In the end? They both rescue each other.



You Virgos love a rom-com that has an edgy twist of dark comedy, but a pure heart right at the center of it. You get a sweet and sentimental love story on the side and a complex one about two misunderstood teens on the other. Also, Heath Ledger? Come on.



A Libra is obsessed with romance and partnership, so the idea of a breakup probably wrecks them. So, when a rom-com can turn a devastating breakup into a hilarious story about healing and finding love again, you’re 100 percent game.



There’s just something about deep, overwhelming romance that makes your heart fly away, even if a rom-com is supposed to be light and funny. However, this film somehow manages to do the impossible, which is to accomplish both. Are you in or what?



You’re in love with the idea of two wildly different cultures colliding, which is why a film about a Greek girl struggling to fit in with the confines of her culture and who finds love outside of it is perfect for you. The humor that sparks as a result? It just gets you.



The thing about a Capricorn is that no matter how “cold-hearted” they may seem, I’ve never met a Cap who wasn’t obsessed with weddings. When a rom-com is all about a girl who’s been a bridesmaid way too many times before finally finding love, it’s like a dream come true.



You love love in all its many shapes and forms. You’re aware that love looks different to one person than it does to someone else. In this rom-com, you can watch a whole community find and express love in their own ways. Plus, you’re die-heard for all the sharp wit.


PISCES: 13 GOING ON 30 (2004)

You love a sprinkle of magic and enchantment in your rom-coms. The idea of a girl being able to fast-forward through time from the age of 13 to 30 before realizing that her high school best friend was her true love all along just destroys your precious big heart.



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