Woman Selling Her Husband’s 25 Year Old SAAN Store Winter Parka

A Woman from Regina recently posted her husband’s 25 year old SAAN Store Winter Parka for sale on a site called “Varage Sale” and it’s HILARIOUS!


She writes…


Today I found my husband’s 25 Year old Kelsey Brand SAAN Store Winter Parka in a box labeled “RANDOM WINTER”.

In the event that you don’t know what the SAAN Store is: MOVE ALONG, YOUNGSTER. THERE’S NOTHING IN THIS POST FOR YOU.

Anyhow. This is a VINTAGE SAAN Store Parka is *exactly* like the one everyone you knew back in 1989-1990 had if their cheap-*ss/genuinely frugal parents wouldn’t/couldn’t buy them a SunIce.

According to my delighted and gleeful husband, it has:

Zippers that open like buttah from the top AND bottom

Breast pockets on the outside

Authentic interior WALKMAN® pocket

Sexy RED piping and buttons

Super Tall Collar for all that poppin’


Make me an offer on this coat. Or don’t. I really don’t care.




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